Ahhh…Home Sweet Home. I made it! Home safe and sound and had the most wonderful night of sleep in my big beautiful comfy bed. It was bliss.

It didn’t take long though to realize that my reality is no longer suspended. The less than happy parts of home ownership quickly crept up into my life. Yes, my friends, problems. Expat life kind of feels like a suspended reality at times. Problems at home are usually out of sight & out of mind. Many things are quite frankly. Problems abroad also equal a phone call to someone else to fix it for you. But the joys of home ownership rest with me back in the land of the free. Despite such issues, I’m still so happy to be home.

I missed my house. The yard, the kitchen, my bedroom. I decided to take a sneak peek into the basement to check it out late Tuesday night. Dun dun dun. There it was. Water. Everywhere. 2 inches deep. Well, that sucks. The evening progressed and upon further investigation it became clear that the sump pump had failed and the water had made its way to the far-reaching corners of the basement. Prior to moving we had received a number of boxes from hubs parents. They had recently moved and passed along the childhood keepsakesĀ parents keep over the years. While most of our items are stored in plastic containers, we do have a number of items in cardboard boxes. It breaks my heart a little knowing some (most) of these items will not be salvageable.

There was one item destroyed that I’ve lovedĀ for years and have wanted ever since I can remember. It’s a wooden picture with a scene from Gone with the Wind on it. It was my mothers and one of her cherished possessions. Mold. All up the front and side of it.

I am sad it may be ruined along with a number of other items but I realized something else during this situation. I feel like I should have been more upset. It’s not that I don’t care. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it but after some thought I realized the lack of panic and devastation is coming from a change within me. The change from being away. The change caused by living in a foreign country where nothing is familiar or your own. There are few possessions that bring comfort.

As I mentioned in my last post, it’s the people who really make the difference in life. I feel less attached to such tangible/material items simply because I haven’t had many for the last 6 months and we’ve looked to people for our comfort and fulfillment. Maybe I’m just growing up. I don’t know. I just feel that something like this a year ago probably would have had me in tears. Now, I see boxes with treasures that probably would have sat there for years on end unopened anyways.

Coming home and hugging my family, seeing my friends and snuggling my pooches…now that’s something I would be truly upset over if I didn’t have at the end of the day.