Welcome! I’m the author; your typical middle class, college educated, coffee drinking, wine loving suburban girl from Michigan. My husband is the laid back “good guy” engineer with the biggest heart I think a person can have and a drive for success second to none.

For two middle-class kids, our journey together has been quite an experience. The consolidated version of “us”:

Boy Sees Girl.
Girl Teases Boy.
Boy Likes Girl.
Girl Ponders.
Boy Woos Girl.
Girl Loves Boy.
Boy Marries Girl.

The full version spans eight years…geez, I’m old. We met in our early 20’s through mutual friends. After four years, one of our friends asked me out on his behalf (Thanks Bill!) and from there a life of surprise, laughter, love, and longing began. The longing came when six months into our relationship, he left for a two-year work assignment overseas in Nihongo (Japan). A relationship via Skype is just not the same and so after a year, I joined him in Japan. After a whirlwind tour of Asia visiting various parts of Japan, Korea and Thailand, we moved back to Michigan to begin our lives together in Suburbia. And now, our life together is about to do another 180. Join me on the journey as I experience the triumphs and tribulations sure to come with this new chapter in our life.


what do you say?

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