Wow, time flies. I realize I’ve been completely MIA for the last month. Not so much for lack of material. It’s these dudes; Triggers. I blame it on them as they tend to send me into my own sort of shanghai-low funky town aka china day syndrome. I realize my funk is probably quite selfish then I realize I’m human and forgive myself. From there I allow myself to “feel” whatever may come and let it make its way through so I can come out the other end a happy little camper. These bad boys are tricky though and include…being sick in china…horrid toxic death pollution days that confine me to my apartment…life events for friends/family…not knowing what country I’ll be in 9 months from now…you know, the usual.

The good news is, I’ve made it to the other end. Finally. Coming off a 9 day hiatus with a china bug of sorts really makes a difference. Not feeling like a prisoner in my “sort of” home also helps.

I’ve also tried (a daily process here) to keep in the loop and do things I enjoy and see my friends as well as make the effort to put in time, etc. with new friends. It’s a must in expat land. With people coming and going every few months or so, you have to constantly keep the pipeline filled with people you want to invest your time with. Those that help with your sanity are the best go-to’s for this sort of thing. And realizing that this is a cool experience if you let it be and look past (ignore?) the cray-cray that is life in China.

It’s always a work in process.


what do you say?

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