moganshan lodge

You know you’re a true Michigander when you fully understand that going “up north” means bonding, nature, lakes, beaches, cottages, tents, sleeping under the stars, camp fires and obviously, s’mores.

One of the few places in China that’s giving me that same feeling is in Moganshan. My first time here was at Naked Stables Private Reserve. About a 3 hour drive from the city lights and pollution of Shanghai, Moganshan offers cozy cottages and retreats nestled in and among the mountains of Moganshan.

As a final farewell to two of our lovely ladies leaving Shanghai soon, we rallied the crew and headed up the mountain to Moganshan Lodge. Super cute. Super Charming. The lodge had 3 stories and pockets of rooms in ever nook and cranny with simple but tasteful decor. It was very nicely done. We were 17 peeps deep with a baby and pooch in tow and had plenty of room for everyone to spread out comfortably.

We enjoyed nature walks ( some of us anyways…), making expat snowmen, warming our tootsies by the fire and playing inappropriate games for horrible people. One of the highlights was watching the Brits, Aussie’s and Kiwi enjoying their first taste of a s’more. Well done Americans. I think we made our contribution to world peace and all things happy this weekend by spreading this lovely treat to other parts of the world. You’re welcome 🙂


2 thoughts on “moganshan lodge

    • I thought so. If you stay away from their expensive restaurant, the prices will be ok I think 🙂 It’s a stark contrast from Shanghai and just really nice scenery to relax in.

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