poo coffee

We did nothing by way of research before coming to Bali in terms of what we wanted to see. Our stay at the villa was also in a more remote area which required that we be driven to any destination to see the sights. We hired a recommended driver, Nyoman, at the rate of $35 USD/day. (Go. To. Bali. It’s inexpensive.) He was quite the tour guide taking us places we hadn’t even thought about or knew of.

One such destination was a coffee and tea plantation.  As an avid coffee lover, I was all in. We toured through the sample area where they showed us various coffees and herbs, etc. they were growing. At the end, we were given roughly 15 various coffees and teas they produced to sample and purchase if we wished. Of course, I loved 12 of the 15…go figure. They were all really unique though and not anything you could quite reproduce or just go buy off the shelves at a local grocer.

One of the more interesting coffees was that of the luwak – like this guy here.

I kept calling it poo coffee because, really, it kind of is. The luwak is an animal that eats coffee berries and during its digestive process the beans are fermented. The beans are then collected and processed after the luwak poos them out. I know, it sounds totally gross. Because of the unique process whereby these beans are collected, the coffee itself is quite expensive running upwards of $15 USD and up just for a cup. We were able to sample a cup and I can attest that it does not taste like poo. It was really strong but had a nice smooth taste to it as well.


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