staying in bali

Like most tropical places, Bali is gorgeous and the people are exceptionally friendly and kind. Our stay took us to two spots in Bali both offering their own unique charm.

Our first stop was at the Seminyak Beach Resort and Spa. Located down a number of small winding roads past lots of boutique shops/markets and located right on the ocean. It was definitely a tourist area but we did enjoy being right on the beach and having close access to numerous restaurants and shops. The staff was also amazing here – everyone right down to the gardeners and security guards would not let you pass without a friendly greeting of some kind. It’s really the little things that make such a difference.

We walked the beach numerous times as we left the resort for dinner and shopping. One such walk left us quite saddened. We walked past an area not maintained by a resort so the high tides brought in and left the beach littered with trash….obviously, the result of our own doing as humans. The resorts have staff out throughout the day to clean their area of the beach but it did make me sad to see so much trash brought in that just hangs out in the ocean otherwise.

Our second stay came in the form of a private villa owned by the parents of one of my Australian friends. Located in a smaller town just outside of the popular Ubud area of Bali, we stayed literally in the middle of a rice field. “Security” for the villa came in the form of one of the local rice farmers. We also had a house maid who provided us breakfast and would tidy our room. We made sure to take full advantage of my friends recommendations and booked the private masseuse to come and give us massages which ran all of $7 USD pp. Loved it!


6 thoughts on “staying in bali

    • Yes, the photos are so nice to bring back the sunny feeling! I’m stuck in the cold & damp currently so I understand your feeling!

    • Bali – so lovely! I’d do Bali before Moganshan if you’re looking at costs πŸ™‚ haha, just came from the Moganshan post!

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