monkey forest

I know I’m not always the first to be on the expat excitement train however I will say that one thing that does excite me about being in this part of the world is the type of animal interaction you can experience.

One of our Bali excursions included a trip to Monkey Forest which is just what it sounds like. We pulled in the parking lot having to dodge monkeys on the side of the road. Upon entering the forest, there are literally monkeys everywhere! You couldn’t touch them or pet them but you could get quite close for some sweet monkey photos. There were also numerous monkey babies which, of course, were my favorite.

We walked up one pathway to find a number of monkeys chilling  by the fire…totally normal. Hubs was snapping photos and a monkey jumped up on his back and started rubbing it – awkward. After that, he started to creep into his camera bag … apparently, this is common and they will search your bag for food.

A number of women were in the forest selling bananas and such which you could feed to the monkeys. As soon as they saw you buying food, monkeys would jump all over you…I avoided that little activity and enjoyed the monkeys from a distance. I didn’t want to be this chick …


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