I used to have a creative side. Granted, I must have been roughly 8 years old but it used to be there. I thought I’d try my hand at the ever so popular painting classes that have been all the craze as of late. Thankfully, this craze has also found its way to Shanghai. In an effort to occupy the time while hubs is traveling, the girls and I made our way to Sip’N’Paint. Located literally down a dark shady shadster alley of local Chinese housing past various bikes and a few trash cans, you’ll find Sip’N’Paint. This is Shanghai, though, so alleys are less creepy as you are not likely to be kidnapped here – always a bonus in my book.┬áNevertheless, we tried our mad skillz with the paint and created “Shanghai at Sunset” or a blob reflecting something to that effect. The added bonus is that they serve booze. Good thing. Everything looked brilliant after a glass of Prosecco.

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