brawl on the bund

I only intended to mention the pollution as a hiccup in yesterdays events but then it took on its own life form. As I said, we were fortunate to have had a major distraction. For months, roughly 15 of us expats have been planning for the infamous Brawl on the Bund aka White Collar Boxing in Shanghai. This lovely little shin dig involves black tie attire, free flow wine, dinner and of course boxing.

As is true to Shanghai form, all of us ladies wanted to get formal dresses made in preparation and all the men had tuxedos made as well. It felt like an adult version of prom. All the ladies were stunning in their gowns and the men looked smashing in their tuxedos.


The scene took place at the Hyatt on the Bund. All the seats were well suited for our viewing pleasure of both amateur and professional boxing. I didn’t realize I would enjoy watching the boxing as much as I did. It was really fun. There were even women in the ring. GO Girl Power!!!!

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The evening ended at the Hyatt and we ventured over to the “after party” at Bar Rouge. This club is one of the nicer clubs in Shanghai which has a nice rooftop patio overlooking the Bund. We avoided the patio due to the extreme pollution levels and opted for the second-hand smoke instead. Meh – its Shanghai. People smoke inside in some places. It was a fun night and we passed around the bubbly and shook our groove thang until the wee hours of the morning. After kindly informing the gentleman outside of the club that my hubby already had a nice lady, we called it a night. It definitely was one of the more “I’m having fun” days in Shanghai. It’s not all bad here 🙂 The people make it a good place to be 🙂

Boxing 151


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