5 minutes in shanghai

This is what 5 minutes in Shanghai looks like. Just steps outside of our apartment, we are midst of a local Chinese area i.e. an area where a bunch of investors have yet to tear everything down and start over. Granted, this is not what all of Shanghai looks like. It’s merely the first 5 minute walk I have right outside of my apartment 🙂

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2 thoughts on “5 minutes in shanghai

  1. Have you seen the lady who walks her pig in that area?
    Really. Not kidding. We used to live near there 2 years ago and we would see her walking her baby pig!

    Great pics. You should see some of my 5 minutes in Shanghai . . . just as peculiar and interesting. Great blog Franny!

    • seriously!?!?!? I’ve seen bunnies, cats and even monkeys..but I’m missing the pig?!?!? What a shame. I’d love that. I’ll keep my eyes out. Thanks for stopping by.

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