Great Wall of China @ Mutianyu

The obvious highlight of Beijing was visiting the Great Wall of China. Thankfully, my friend booked a driver to go a few hours outside of Beijing to a part of the wall that fewer tourists tend to go to.  Well played dear friend. We were fortunate to tag along. We arrived at Mutianyu after a few hours and it was perfect. We started with a cable ride up the mountain. I didn’t realize the wall would be so high up and riding a rickety made in china cable car with a mere bar between myself and the ground disappearing below drove me to near panic. Or, I’m just a big baby. Probably the latter. Either way, we made it to the wall. The views were insane and the wall stretched as far as you could see. We watched the clouds literally roll over the sides and fill in the sky around us. It was beautiful. We beat the crowds and only saw a few groups of tourists along the way. It gave us the perfect opportunity for some pure clean shots of this magnificent wonder. Annnnnnd, second to seeing the wall, the best part was going back down. We rode individual toboggans on a curvy path down the mountain. So fun.

Enjoy the views!

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