Beijing Silk Market

If there is one thing I’ll miss when we leave China, it will definitely be the shopping. I’m a woman…what do you expect me to say here?!?!?! We heard of a famous market in Beijing we were told by many we just had to see. Commonly known as the Silk Market in Beijing, this place boasts seven floors of clothing, shoes, souvenirs, watches and of course, purses. I’ve spent a good amount of time at the markets in Shanghai and have grown to love the art of bartering. It just adds so much to the experience. While I did manage to snag a few goodies, I did notice several stark contrasts between the Beijing Silk Market and the Shanghai markets. This market was much cleaner and better organized than any of the markets I’ve seen in Shanghai. Plus, the sales people were much quicker to give up lower prices without having to even ask. The down side…they were also much more aggressive and pushy than what I’ve found in Shanghai. This did not sit well with me. I had two women grab me on the same arm, pull me into their shop and refused to let go of me. Just short of slapping their hands off of me, I was able to break free. China…this is not a legitimate sales technique. FYI. At another stall I had the woman accuse me of giving her fake money. I was shocked that she was serious. I refused to switch out the bills I had given her because I’m sure when I walked away for a moment to get the additional funds I needed, she switched out one of the bills I had given her with a fake one. This is China…it’s all about making a buck. In the end, I snagged two suit jackets for $35 USD so I guess the abuse was worth it.

If you’re up for the experience, you can find it @ Xiushui Dongjie nr. 8, Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyangmen District – Metro Line 1 (Yong’anli)


2 thoughts on “Beijing Silk Market

    • You sure have to be in the right mindset…I was surprised too. I’m ok with the tough negotiations but the grabbing kind of did me in 😦

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