scorpions, centipedes and sea horses, oh my!

Welcome to Beijing!

We had the brilliant idea to travel to Beijing during China’s Golden Week which is their national holiday celebration. Apparently, everyone else in China also had the same idea. Expat lesson learned: Don’t stay in China during Chinese holidays.

In an effort to take in the city, we wandered around a bit and stumbled across a large shopping district. Off to the side were small little alley streets we decided to venture down. The massive crowd of people seemed to be heading there so we figured it was the right place to be.

We found the typical tourist trappings with lots of small vendors trying to sell you everything under the sun. Chopsticks, tea sets, toys, scarves, keychains…the usual nick-nacks.

What really caught my eye was the food…alive and kicking. Yes, you read that right. Delicacies in the form of scorpions, centipedes, sea horses and even starfish. Who knew? These crunchy creatures were all the rage and our morning stroll consisted of our jaws droppedĀ in awe as people lined up for the scorpions on a stick…some of which were still alive and kicking. If you’ve read any of my prior posts, you’ll know by now I’m a no street food import only kind of girl. Theres just some cultural immersion I can do without. Check it out!