dr’s in foreign lands

Since arriving in the PRC, I’ve had to make my way to the doctors here several times. Always minor issues & nothing serious but still I’ve had to go. I have to say that with customer service lacking in so many places here, this is one area where things are done exceptionally well. I would go so far as to say that the service and convenience is much better than that in the U.S.A. *GASP!*  Yes, I just said that…about something in the PRC.

I’ve chosen Parkway Health as it’s on of the more popular expat clinics in Shanghai with 7 locations throughout the city to service expats and well to do Chinese. I love that I can make an appointment online specifying my day/time and location of choice. The doctors rotate and are in certain locations certain days so while you may need to be somewhat flexible, I’ve always had good luck with the convenience of locations, days, etc. Once I make an appointment online, I get a call back within 30 minutes to discuss and confirm my appointment. I’ve done this 3 times now and have had an appointment set to see a doctor the following day. One time I made an appointment at 9am and was in their office for my appointment that afternoon. In the states, unless its an emergency, I’m usually waiting a week if not several to get in to see any doctor. I’m all over this type of convenience and service. Well done Parkway. But, of course, you know theres more to the story than my boasting the great customer service.

My recent appointment was with the dermatologist here to get a few spots checked out. No biggie. I understand going in that I’ll need to be in my undergarments to be checked. Also no biggie. It was just kind of funny to me that after I have a short consultation with the doctor he proceeds to tell me to go ahead and get undressed. Right there. With him in the room. No stepping away for a moment for some privacy. No calling in a nurse. No robe or sheet provided for modesty sake. Well, I guess that’s how its done. Hope he enjoyed the show! He was very professional though and in the end it was fine. I just find humor in the subtle (?) differences between here and home.


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