Finally! We are in a new apartment. I’m WAY behind the ball on this post since this actually happened a few months ago but hey, it was 3 days before I bounced out of China for the summer. We’ve had our new place for 3 months now and I think I’ve been it for all of 10 days. Sorry hubs!

It’s a little mega 80’s hodge podge eclectic mix of style going on but with all the positives of this move for us, it doesn’t really matter. ¬†We are walking distance to Xintiandi and closer to a metro stop on the Puxi side. No more fighting taxi drivers to take us “across” the river…even if it is only a few minutes away. An added bonus comes in the form of a massage parlor a stone throw away. Yippee!

Our prior apartment came serviced which was amazing. It’s kind of like being a hotel where they come clean and provide fresh linens and towels. Our new place doesn’t feature that luxury so we splurged on an Ayi (maid/housekeeper). She comes twice per week for two hours each time. For a mere $4 USD /hour, we figured we could work it into the budget.