and the living’s easy…

I’ve been completely MIA since I returned to the land of the free.  I never quite feel like home has much inspiration for me when it comes to writing. I mean, I love it but it’s not blog material in the sense that kiddos are pooping on the side of the road like it ain’t no thang. Either way, I feel fortunate to have been able to curl my hair a few times this summer (literally), enjoy my fav restaurants and see all of my peeps. Of course, the furry frenchie loves of my life were also present.

Apparently Shanghai has been HOTTTT or something this summer. Too bad I missed the hottest day recorded in 140 years…boo. Hubs knew I would be miserable and crabby if I had to live for months on end in a sweaty hot unbearable mess. Sending me home was probably a good idea.

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So, here is what my summer in the land of the free looked like…

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4 thoughts on “summertime…

    • hahaha…I was walking in Xintiandi today and they have fans outside just blowing hot air everywhere…lol – so silly.

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