Since I made my expat migration home for the summer I’ve decided to fully indulge in all the foodie gems I can’t get in the PRC (or I’m too cheap to buy). Since I’m an import only girl, our food expenses are rather high. Allow me to shed some light on some of the simpler pleasures that cost my right arm in China.

Sweet Yummy Strawberries ~ USA = $3-5 … China = $10


Plump Juicy Grapes ~ USA = $3-4 … China = $10


Itty Bitty Can of Artichoke Hearts ~ USA = $1 … China = $10-11 (Yikes!)


Jar Roasted Red Peppers ~ USA = $2-3 … China = $10-11


Peanut Butter ~ USA = $3-4 … China = $7


Honey Nut Cheerios Cereal ~ USA = $4 … China = $16 (Insane)


Florida’s Natural Orange Juice ~ USA = $4 … China = $10


Occasionally I give in to items (grapes/strawberries) while others I find alternatives for (orange juice). Some items I flat-out refuse to buy because the mark up is just ridiculous (Cheerios/Artichokes/Jar Red Peppers). Thankfully, there are a number of global brands that I am familiar enough with that I’ll buy their local product i.e. Dannon, Dole, Chiquita & General Mills. Stay tuned as I’ll be sure to post all the items I’ll be importing myself back to China. I fully intend to have one suitcase full of food. For now, here’s to a summer of stuffing my belly with all the affordable yummy goodness available in the USA 🙂


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