a watched pot never boils

This statement rang true for us today as we waited…and waited…and waited. Last night we made our final decision on an apartment. We made a verbal offer to the landlord for the apartment I fell in love with a few days ago. The landlord agreed and asked to meet us today to leave a deposit and negotiate the contract. Our agent worked late in to the night buttoning up the details so we could walk in, read over the contract, sign and lock that apartment in for us. Our appointment was scheduled for 11:30am. About an hour beforehand, our agent asked if we could switch to 2:30pm instead. No problem. Early in the afternoon we were informed the landlord was tied up still and needed to move the time again to either late afternoon or in the evening. Our agent said she would keep us posted. We decided to hang out in the hip and popular Xintiandi area of Shanghai as it’s within walking distance to the new apartment. So we waited. And waited. Several hours went by and finally around 7:30pm we decided this business is clearly not happening today and headed home. While I’m still hopeful this place will be our new home, I’m also on pins and needles. Everything moves and changes so fast in Shanghai I was concerned that maybe they continued to keep showing the apartment to potential tenants in hopes of a better offer between today and tomorrow. With 2 weeks left before I fly back to the US and hubs leaving on business for 2 weeks, we don’t exactly have time to spare. Fingers crossed that good news will follow…


2 thoughts on “a watched pot never boils

    • Thank you for checking in! That’s so nice 🙂 We did not get my dream place, however, we did find another apartment in the same complex with the same layout. The furniture is a little mega 80’s but for the positive trade offs, we will live with it. All in all, not a bad deal at the end of the day!

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