it’s the little things.

photoHouse hunting is seriously so exhausting. I’m officially emotionally drained after only 3 days. I’m still pushing hard though and fighting through it. Last night was a little rough for me as the apartment I found myself emotionally attached to had 2 offers on it already. I was feeling defeated and waited for hubs to get home to discuss if and how we might be able to make our offer more attractive. We came to an agreement and our agent followed through. Now we play the waiting game. I was still feeling a little down as the anxiety of not knowing was weighing on me.

To my surprise, hubs came home with presents. I heart presents. A month or so ago, his colleague was in town from the U.S. We were thrilled to have the chance to finally take someone around Shanghai to some of the cool spots and yummy restaurants. I’m sure somewhere in the day I made mention of how living and visiting a place can be very different. I must have mentioned the THREE “Made in China” can openers I’ve purchased that barely worked, if at all. One broke within several uses, another inside of 2 or 3 uses and the last one I purchased didn’t work at all. After endless frustration with the poorly made equipment, I refused to buy another one until I made it back to the states. During my boycott and desperation, I even used a knife once or twice to pry cans open. She must have remembered because she was kind enough to thank us with DETROIT t-shirts and a lovely brand new can opener just for me! I instantly felt 100 times better. Who knew a can opener could really make such a difference in ones day!


what do you say?

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