successful saturdays

creepster clown

creepster clown

Saturdays are always successful when free wine is involved…let’s be serious here. I stumbled upon Kerry Parkside’s First Annual Wine Tasting Event  and thought this was too good to be true. Free wine in Shanghai is going to go one of two ways. One – it would be just fine. Two – it would be total chaos with everyone running everyone else over for free wine. And honking at each other if it were possible (once you’ve driven in Shanghai, you’ll understand what this means). Surprisingly, it wasn’t too crowded. Maybe next year once the word gets out. Kerry Parkside decided to make it family friendly with face painting and a clown (creepy) making balloon animals for the kids. Great idea. Run along little ones while mommy and daddy drink free wine for 8 hours…

Kerry Parkside is one of the nicer hotels in Shanghai. It’s where we stayed when we first arrived looking for apartments. It has a fab mall attached to it with numerous restaurants and a courtyard. The wine tasting took place in the courtyard with various vendors happy to let you engage in their free flow tasting. Most of the wines were OK and a few hit the taste buds just right. I was happy to walk away with a decent bottle for right around $13. Wine has been extremely hard to come by here in Shanghai. The import fees, taxes and numerous other charges leave you with the cheap wine back home now costing $30 (Sutter Home) and $40 (Yellow Tail). Once in a while we try something new and have yet to be successful with anything we like. Those usually turn into cooking wines. Regardless, It was still a nice day out and we had various peeps meet up with us throughout the day.

We ventured over to The Brew inside the hotel for an early dinner. They had a buffet and took it upon themselves to let us know the turkey was imported from the USA and the lamb came from Australia. Sold!!! In recent news, yet again, China has discovered rat meat that is being sold as lamb meat. Quite disturbing if you ask me. I honestly thought it was a fake story until I saw it published in US news sources. Yet another reason I’m an import only kind of girl. You can imagine my delight when I heard the word “imported.” I stuffed my face with 4 plates full of food. The men watched in awe. I’m not messing around. I had to stow some of that away for later and now I’ve been dubbed with a new nickname – framster. Like a hamster and my name together. Brilliant. And, another successful Saturday in Shanghai 🙂


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