copy country


my pre-teens in a box!

You want it? China’s got it. Cheaper. This is the land of copies galore. It’s a bit excessive in some cases (i.e.   fake recreations of food) but nevertheless anything you want is here from coats, purses, sunglasses, books and of course, dvd’s. All over town you can find these nifty little dvd shops. Prices range from $2 a pop for a movie, $7 for a t.v. series and a mere $10 for any Rosetta Stone. On occasion, these dvd shops may close for “restorations.” A clever front in the event of a bust because apparently bootlegging is illegal. Huh, you don’t say! You would never know it from living here. These shops are in plain sight on just about every corner. Totally discreet. Either way, it is a nice little perk to the PRC since we didn’t bring any dvd’s with us. This is one those things they regulate when you are going to live here and poo poo you for bringing in something they don’t like. Or, they just charge you a bunch of money so we decided it was best to just leave them and head for the bootlegs once we arrived. Win-win. My favorite find today was the original 90210 series. Hello 1990’s – I’ve missed you.


what do you say?

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