This is what Shanghai is famous for – Shenanigans. The weekends are a nice release from the hustle and bustle of life in Shanghai. Or, the news in China in general. This weekend was the perfect snapshot into the shenanigans all of my lovely friends have to look forward to when they visit…

1:00pm: Brunch.

This is an absolute must when in Shanghai. Brunch deals boast with great food deals and if you’re up for the challenge, free flow in the form of champagne, margarita’s or anything else you can think of. Our choice this weekend was the quaint and cozy mexican restaurant, Maya. This charmer has some of the best Mexican food we’ve found and their presentation is top-notch. We spent the afternoon stuffing our bellies with guacamole, fish tacos, beef tacos, quesadillas and crepes and churros for dessert. Yum!

hot mess

3:30pm: Afternoon Massage.

In between our brunch and dinner plans we had a few hours to kill so we ventured over to Soothwind to partake in their monthly massage deal. 138 rmb for two hours of pure pleasure. Translation-$22 USD gets you an hour foot massage plus an hour full body massage. They give you some sweet pajamas and hubs snapped this awesome shot after I fell asleep during my foot massage. This is why I look like a hot mess.

5:30pm: Early Evening Snack.

After our afternoon massages, we still had time before dinner so we made our way to the Boxing Cat Brewery. It’s a cute little spot which boasts its homemade beer. We stopped in for some beer and our second dessert session of the day via cake. What goes better with beer other than cake? We sat outside and enjoyed our treats in the form of chocolate peanut butter cheesecake and lemon blueberry cake.

7:00pm: Dinner.

Next stop, tapas with more friends! We sat outside in an intimate courtyard at Elefante. We had never been and I have to say we were quite impressed. The food was good, the atmosphere was charming and the company was fantastic.

9:30pm: KTV!

The night was still young so we ventured over to indulge in some Asian nightlife activities; KTV. This is extremely popular in Asia. You pay for a sound proof room complete with microphones, a disco ball, two flat screen tv’s and your very own wait staff for food and drinks. You have your own nightclub and karaoke session in intimate fashion with your friends. It’s awesome. Seven of us rocked the night away with all of our favorite throwback jams and we even tried our skills at the rap game.

Who is ready to book their tickets???


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