fab fake finds

fake finds

fake finds via mad bargaining skills

It’s official. I’ve broken the shopping seal. I couldn’t help it. We’ve been window shopping in  the fake markets for months. I’ve resisted by telling myself I can come back later since I’m living here. Since I booked my trip home, I’ve started to become impatient and anxious. The days feel longer and the end of June can’t seem to come soon enough. I broke down. I needed some retail therapy. I finally indulged and honestly…I feel better. No buyers remorse. Ha! I win! I can’t tell if I’m actually addicted to the products or the act of bargaining. It’s become quite entertaining for me. I spared hubs from being dragged through purses and shoes for hours on end and went with a girlfriend. Her negotiating skills are pretty sweet too. I like to refer to this expenditure as a “cost of wives.” Expats should really have a line item for this in their packages – a cost of wives allowance (just saying…). As we made our way through the various vendors, we found goods of interest rather quickly. Each vendor has their legal goods displayed on bookshelf units that conveniently move which allow you to enter secret back rooms with the less than legal goods i.e. Coach, Louis Vuitton, etc. The back room goods are clearly better quality than those out front. This is where it gets fun. Vendors start out ridiculously high in price. I had heard to quote them 10% of their asking price and be prepared to settle between 10% and 30%. As if I needed more bags….I found 2 Michael Kors bags that I loved. The vendor quoted exceedingly high at 1850RMB ($300 USD) per bag. Seriously, Michael Kors is not exactly at the top of my designer list and in reality, they stick a key chain on a bag with an MK label and call it Michael Kors. That being said, I really should only pay what I might pay at Target for the same bag. I said I’d give them 80 RMB ($13 USD) per bag, maybe 100 RMB ($16 USD). They laughed at me and said, “Lady, you are crazy.” I said,”Ok, no problem. I’ll look elsewhere.” This is where my mad skills came in handy. I walked out thinking for sure they would follow. They didn’t initially so I figured they were serious and wouldn’t take my offer. As I turned the next corner I could hear them shouting for me,”OK! OK! 200 RMB for both!.” I went back in and they continued to berate me as they packaged my purses….”You are so difficult”…”You drive a hard bargain”…”This is not enough money” etc. It’s typical here. They get really irate when you offer low. Yet, they still accept it…


2 thoughts on “fab fake finds

  1. They’lll never accept a price if they will be losing money. 🙂

    Seriously, girl, maybe I should send you out to do my fake shopping! I hate going there, but want more bags… and shoes… and everything…

    • I’m In! Hahahaha…I think I’m an addict. It’s just too funny to see the reactions 🙂

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