field day

I was pooped after day 1 with the kids. It takes a lot of energy to tend to so many kids and give them all attention. Thankfully, day 2 was a little more relaxed. We did an all school field day activity in the morning. We set up stations in the school yard for a rubber chicken game, sack race, broom & barrel race, jump rope game and ball toss. We all started with our class at one station and rotated through to each of the games every 15 minutes. Of course, the kids were loving it and as we hoped, would burn off some energy. Some of the volunteers who can speak Mandarin learned the schools don’t have such events or activities. The school yard had a ping-pong type table but no playground equipment. Children normally played games using songs or dances that have been passed down from year to year. For not having much, these kids seemed to be really happy. One of our girls even showed us a little jig all the kids do these days.

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I’m sure having the volunteers there really shook things up a bit for them and the staff. In the afternoon, we took a lighter approach to the lessons since the morning was so busy with the games. After the first lesson, it was clear they were tired. When in doubt – color. Of course, the coloring activity tied into our next lesson and built off the earlier one so it was still relevant 🙂

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After a busy day at the school, we had some time to venture through the little village near the school. Old women wove wheat baskets on the side of the road and locals would wander out of their homes to watch us as we passed through. The little kids hid behind their parents/grandparents and some cried as they really have never seen a foreigner…especially the blondes. It was interesting to see their little community and snip its of how and where they lived. You could see dogs, chickens and ducks roaming the alley ways and we even stumbled upon some goats. After dinner, we all ventured to a local massage parlor for some foot massages. $10 USD (60rmb) got us each 70 minutes of some well needed R & R.


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