happiness is…

Mortini's @ Mortons Steakhousefree steak sandwiches. Not only were these bad boys free, they came courtesy of Morton’s Steakhouse. A few blocks from the apartment we have this lovely mall which is just gorgeous inside. It features all the high-end labels like Juicy Couture, Louis Vuitton, Giorgio Armani, etc. Think Somerset North but nicer. Seriously. You can imagine my delight when I discovered Morton’s Steakhouse was there. Anything familiar to home is always welcome. Especially grain-fed aged beef. Just saying. Every weekday, they have their own version of happy hour known as Mortini’s Happy Hour. This includes reasonably priced drinks and trays full of free steak sandwiches. cosmic cosmoYes, please. When I realize how ridiculous my grocery bill is from living in the PRC, I’m happy to partake in free food. Especially good food. I thought living in China would be inexpensive until I actually got here and realized that meant if you lived like a local. Clearly, I was naïve. I perused through the menu thinking hubby and I might have a classy dinner here at some point. Negative. Prices were insane. I felt bad for the patrons actually paying for a meal there as they were probably sponsoring our free steak goodness. Alas, I’ll just pretend as if I’m a broke college student and go for the freebies. No shame.


what do you say?

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