free flow

Hipster DJOK, I give. Sometimes living in the big city is pretty cool. It has come to my attention that free flow champagne is a staple here in Shanghai. When the bars charge $15 a pop for your cocktail of choice, the free flow becomes attractive rather quickly. Last night a few of us ladies ventured to the lovely Park Hyatt Hotel for Ladies Night AKA free flow champagne. A classy hotel no doubt where many foreigners on business stay. As we enter, I’m expecting a laid back lounge type of feel with comfy couches and maybe some high tops for sipping the bubbly. It started out classy and then went somewhere else from there – like most things in China. I was quickly reminded that smoking is allowed inside the bars/restaurants here. No worries though as we had the bubbly to combat the second-hand smoke. The night progressed and the DJ turned it up and played an eclectic mix of throw back tunes from Salt-N-Peppa to the Notorious B.I.G. It was nostalgic for sure. And then I thought, this is completely random for this “club” vibe to be in such a classy hotel. Think Woody’s in Royal Oak as being inside the Book Cadillac in Detroit…it doesn’t jive. Top that off with men old enough to be my dad gettin’ jiggy with it and trying to keep pace with the China girls as they rallied when Gangnum Style played. Also a staple in China. It was hard not to watch. The people watching here is fantastic I must say. All in all, another interesting night in Shanghai. I even managed to snag a shot with the hipster DJ.


3 thoughts on “free flow

  1. Great blog – you write with such a clear ‘voice’ I feel like I’m in the room with you (vicarious living!).

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