why we live here…

Legit Massage Parlor

I realize many of my posts probably lead others to raise a brow or two about living here, visiting here or even why I’m here. There is, however, a fabulous perk to life in the PRC. If anything, it at least manages to soften the blow when it comes to air pollution, dead pigs in the water and questionable food. That perk, my friends, is Chinese massages. Having these routinely allows us the opportunity to revive ourselves and face the PRC with renewed vigor. This weekend we ventured to the corner massage parlor known as Bamboo Massage which is conveniently located next to The Funky Chicken food chain restaurant. I know, it sounds super classy, right? While there are numerous choices on every corner for massages, we tend to stick with what we know and don’t go for being adventurous in this regard. Why? It’s been said that there are questionable practices where fingers might roam well beyond the comfort zone. Just a little FYI if you plan to visit and/or live here. Now, back to the legit massage. An hour runs $18 per person for a traditional Chinese massage. We decided to splurge for the oil massage which set us back $25 each for an hour. You can see how this would become a habit here quickly. Prior to the massage, we are greeted with tea, cherry tomato’s and oranges. Slippers are provided and we are led to a private room. Inside, candles are lit and sweet-smelling scents fill the room. Conveniently, there is also a shower which we can use afterwards to rinse off the oil before getting dressed. Despite the atmosphere of luxury and relaxation, my immature self often prevails. I find myself trying hard not to giggle during inappropriate times. The ladies set up and we are provided with some nifty underpants to wear – a combination of blue paper and elastic (giggle). They looked like a fully loaded diaper once they were on but alas, we followed custom. During the massage, the pseudo underoos are pulled about half way down (giggle). Well, wasn’t quite expecting that little surprise! No worries though as it turned out to be nothing more than a purely professional bum rub. Near the end, they rub your head and face. The face portion is particularly relaxing as it includes a nice little rub and tug on the eyebrows (giggle). Good thing, my eyebrows have a lot of pent-up stress lately so I’m really glad they take care of this issue. Seriously, all giggles aside, massages are essential. And awesome. Really I should just say mandatory.


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