kitten heels & leg warmers

In an effort to fill my time as a taitai here in China, I’ve decided to get into the habit of working out. I’ve been here two months and am just seeing the inside of the health club for the first time this week. Shame on me as it’s a stone throw away from my building. It’s loaded with equipment, has a nice pool and is overall very clean. Cleanliness is a mega bonus here in the PRC. Each morning various classes are held ranging from spinning, yoga and step aerobics. Today’s class happened to be Latin aerobics. I figured that sounded pretty good. I’m better in classes than I am on the treadmill so I thought I’d give it a whirl. I never cease to be entertained here and today was no exception. I walked into class only to find that the instructor was sporting black kitten heels, leg warmers and a skirt. Hey, whatever works. Maybe I should try this eclectic mix with some stiletto’s and Lululemon. She could move though and I clumsily fumbled around trying to follow her sexy Latina moves. This is where those who know me will understand what it means when I say I was doing the “franny dance.” And then it dawned on me as to why I was never a cheerleader or a dancer.


what do you say?

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