porky pig does shanghai

Some days it’s easy to forget you are living in a third world country. Despite some of the challenges of adjusting to life here, you find areas to go to, things to do and enough expats around to sort of drown out the fact that you are in the PRC. This week, however, it has become blatantly obvious that we are, indeed, in a third world country. You see, where I come from, we have first world problems. Inconveniences in the form of having to go outside in the cold to get from your heated home to your heated car. Third world problems are a little different. This week we discovered that 6,000 dead pigs (and counting?) were dumped into the Haungpu River. This charming little waterway serves as a water supply for much of Shanghai. Oh and guess what? I can see that bad boy river from my apartment. I’m literally across the street from it. So today, I’m literally thinking “WTF China.” That’s the thought that’s running through my head. And yes, I do feel that this post warrants some swearing. Who in their right mind thought it was OK, a good idea or even normal to just dump a bunch of dead pigs into the water supply. Maybe no one will notice???? Am I surprised…not really. I get that I’m living in a different country but seriously, this goes way beyond cultural differences. Socially responsible much? I’m wondering how long I can live off of my current bottle of filtered water. My only hope is that in the days to follow we won’t be reading stories of the hundreds of people who suddenly got sick from the tainted water being touted as “fine.” Good times China…good times…


5 thoughts on “porky pig does shanghai

  1. Loca People by Sak Noel
    Now we just need to change the lyrics to:

    When I came to China, and I saw people dumping pigs,
    I thought to myself, what the fu*k
    All day, all night
    All day, all night

  2. My greatest fear is that there could have very well been a desperate soul in such dire need that he/she may have fished a pig out to sell or feed the family. It’s a possibility, we hope not of course, but let’s face it, there is no policing here. No pork for our family for the foreseeable future.

    • I know-it’s a shame. No pork for us beyond the pork showers 🙂 I hope the economic powerhouse that this country is becoming will help with the moving along of more acceptable practices when it comes to social issues.

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