got meat?

China galley kitchen (love!)

So much for Meat Monday. Cooking meat here has turned into “Meat Week” for us and I find that cooking has become somewhat of an entertaining production for me. It’s days like today when I spend 2.5 hours in the kitchen cooking that I’m glad I didn’t just walk in the door from a full day of work.

Cooking here is pretty much the same as it is back home although I do have a few challenges which make it all the more interesting. Since the water here is not quite suitable for drinking, I am constantly filling up my little tea-pot with filtered water for rinsing fruits and veggies and filling pots to boil water. The first time I used the can opener provided to us, I literally & unintentionally bent it in half. It never even grasped the can enough to open it. So why not buy a new one you ask? Well, we did. Quality is hit or miss here. That one broke the first time I used it. Since it is me using these tools, it’s entirely possible that user error is in play. Either way, I have no can opener. So I struggle instead to poke holes in the cans until I can pry them open with a knife and collect the contents inside. And, only one of the two burners on my stove is working. This is one of those times in my adult life where I realize I have inherited certain characteristics of my parents. Instead of fixing it, I just learn to make do. Hi Dad! Since my recent incidents without hot water and the ant invasion, I’m trying to give my property management company a break from my being so needy.

working with sharp knives

Before moving to China, I think I researched to my detriment. The food here scares me. Seeing it firsthand scared me more. I don’t know if it’s because the chickens still come with their heads attached or because the fruits & veggies sold on the street sit on the sidewalks close to where dogs do their business. Some cultural immersion I can do without. Most of what I buy is imported. The meat I order comes frozen in a decent size bag which is enough for roughly a weeks worth of meals for us. Since I have to defrost all of it at once, I have to cook all of it at once as well. And so, “Meat Week” was born. My 2.5 hours in the kitchen consisted of making as many meals with meat as I could. I ended up with stuffed peppers, burgers and meat sauce for pasta. Bon appetit. 


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