baby fever

Mission Accomplished!

I had heard the rumors of possibility and became determined to find it. I didn’t realize this would become an obsession…until it did. Seriously, who doesn’t want to hold a baby (insert wild animal name here)??? Our first trip to fulfill this desire led us to the Shanghai Zoo. This was somewhat depressing and I felt that the citizens acted more like the animals than the actual animals themselves. No babies here to hold though.

So, we ventured to the Shanghai Wildlife Zoo for round two. I have to give my hubby props here because he has allowed me to drag him to various animal parks on his only down time in which I have become adamant about holding a baby (insert wild animal name here).

I could sense we must be getting close as I frolicked through the baby animal section of the zoo (yes, I was frolicking). Success at last! I am the proud owner of a picture with a lion cub. Who could resist this little wonder?! Totally worth the 30 seconds of snuggling with this little creature while he proceeded to make growling kitty noises at me. I suppose being away from your mama and shuffled from person to person for 30 RMB ($4.82 US) can put a damper on your day.

I must admit that as we proceeded through the “baby” section, I did wonder how it was possible that there were SO MANY babies of various kinds and ages. On a happy note, the people seemed better behaved this time. Maybe it’s because this zoo cost significantly more to enter and it affords people better manners. I don’t know. I just showed up in this crazy country myself.

This zoo also embraced a very free spirit attitude when it came to the animals and definitely exemplified capitalism at its best. Entry to the zoo was 130 RMB ($21 US) which is not especially steep by our first world country standards but here, that can be a LOT of money. Upon entering the zoo, there are multiple opportunities for you to engage with the animals first hand in the form of riding either an elephant, a camel or a zebra. You can even feed the pigeons in an open pen area for a fee as well. You can also play with the goats and pigs in another pen or try your hand at feeding the giraffes. Of course, there were also pandas. This was all secondary for me though as I finally accomplished my mission of holding a baby something or other in the form of a wild animal. Thank you China for fulfilling a secret desire I never even knew I had.

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