Or so it sounds that way. This week is CNY – Chinese New Year. A time in China where the city streets are abandoned and expats are left to fend for themselves as their precious Ayi’s and drivers make their way to the countryside for a week-long visit with friends and family back home. Walking down the street makes you feel like Shanghai has turned into a clip from “I am Legend.” Shops and restaurants closed, a few expats roaming the streets here and there and barely a cab to be had or any cars around for that matter. A far cry from the normal hustle and bustle that is Shanghai.

This doesn’t stop the best part of CNY though. Chinese Fireworks….everywhere. Literally. Boxes are set in the middle of busy roads (think Woodward) and set to fire. Quite the sight to see as fireworks shoot up from every direction and right in the middle of crowded apartment buildings. We ventured to the Bund to try to catch the show but my fingers froze and after a lack of being able to find any open restaurants, we ventured back home for some comfort food via grilled cheese and soup and capped the evening off with some Rose’ as we watched the war outside via fireworks take place. We counted seven locations of fireworks out the back of our apartment window and from the front, another three sets. These people don’t mess around when it comes to their fireworks. All I can think of is that this #&%$ would never fly back home. I think this about many (most?) things here though…

Happy New Year! 2013 – the year of the Snake.


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