Months of endless research have finally paid off. I’m guilty of often spending too much time thinking about things rather than just doing them.
If I learned anything from being in Japan it’s that I just need to do the opposite of what I did there. So I did. I am. I signed up for 4 non-profits
this week and have successfully managed to attend two of the four in some capacity to get a feel for them.


Shanghai Dolls is a group for expat women looking for community. Volunteers will help with planning, organizing and facilitating lunches, brunches, happy hour and all the things that girls love to do. Yup, sign me up! Looks like an adventure as a Shanghai Socialite awaits. Two nights out with these girls and I’ve seen such a variety of funny, eccentric, bold, intelligent, ambitious and worldly women…I’m in. Loved it.


My second gig was at the Shanghai Children’s Medical Center where volunteers go and play with children either waiting for heart surgery or are in recovery. All the butterball Chinese kiddos are super cute. A little shy of us Westerners at first but some open up with time. I spent a good part of the afternoon piecing together a dinosaur puzzle with one little boy. He was brave enough to chat it up with me in Chinese and I just smiled. Clueless. He proceeded to pull me around the playroom though to see various toys. It was very sweet. I’ll definitely be including this in my routine.


The added bonus is that the volunteer showing me the ropes also does work with an English teaching organization I have been strongly considering. Teachers go to schools with the children of migrant workers to help them with practicing their English-speaking and listening skills. I’m happy to report that I’m no longer on the fence and immediately signed up for that as well. Fingers crossed I can attend the orientation next week!
I ❤ SH!

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