simple pleasures

I’m naked. In more ways than one. I’m feeling exposed in the helpless and vulnerable sort of way. I’ve been reminded this morning of how the lack of simple pleasures can drive you to the point of madness in foreign lands. Simple tasks become daunting tasks in unfamiliar territory that reaches far beyond my lack of professional plumbing experience. Thankfully (?), I’ve been through the feelings of being a child in the not so distant past. I’ve come to expect that these moments of trial are sure to happen and can take them with more of a rational approach than my typical emotional response of shedding tears and having an adult temper tantrum.
Ready to start the day in full force I enter the beautiful rainfall and find it mirrors the face of rejection. Ice cold. So there I am – cold, naked and exposed. While management is only a phone call away, I think the people who are supposed to be the ones running the show barely know whats going on themselves. I do recall being shown where the information about the hot water was and the myriad of buttons however between the four people who were here the instructions were vague at best and I’m led to believe that even they are not sure how everything in my apartment works.
Forty five minutes and four Chinese people could barely tell me how to work the washer/dryer unit before they had to call in an “expert.” Seriously?! My expectations have become minimal at best. More foreign discussion commenced and I think I got enough information to at least attempt doing laundry. We’ll see how this hot water and showering thing goes…it’s going to be a hot mess hair and sweatshirt kind of day.

what do you say?

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