first impressions

It’s true. It’s dirty. Really dirty. I think half the battle with “making it” here is knowing and reminding myself that it will be different. Laughing helps too. I’m truly thankful for the little things i.e. english tv in the background and one more night in my cushy hotel. I did, however, manage to make it out on my own while hubby was working and purchase a few necessities like a curling iron and nail polish remover. Big priorities I know. My life is moving towards a greater deal of domesticity and I’m doing my best to embrace it. Next stop, groceries. Well, the visit to the international grocery store was a bust for sure. I’ve subscribed to eating mainly carbs ever since because I figure it’s hard enough to screw that up and I probably won’t get sick from it. Now I understand why our doctor prescribed 3 different versions of poop medicine. Mega turn off watching the customers packaging their own raw meat and touching everything else in the grocery store thereafter. I think my mission will be to run around town providing hand sanitizer and gloves. I also discovered living, breathing frogs for sale but didn’t stick around to see if they just give you the live frog or if they will actually chop it up for you right there. Either way…gross. I havent decided whether I will be going vegan or living off of peanut butter & jelly for the next 2 years.


what do you say?

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