ants in my pants

So I thought I would be alone during Kyle’s 10 day hiatus between Spain and Germany. As it turns out, I am not.I have lots of little visitors staying with me in the form of little dark creatures…commonly referred to as ants. While the ants are not literally in my pants, they are a pain in my pants.

Initially I thought it was maybe from the transition of tenants and the vacancy in between. I don’t know – I like to make stuff up in my head sometimes to make things seem and feel better. I fortunately stumbled across some Clorox wipes and started with wiping out all of the cabinets. It seemed to be ok until the next morning when they were in every location the Clorox wipes hadn’t been. Attempt number two came from mom. “Try some pepper flakes.” Ok, well, since I don’t have those I tried a hefty combination of plain black pepper and some Mexican chili powder concoction I happened to have. Thinking they would enjoy this tasty treat and share it with their friends, I became hopeful once more that they would go away. Not so much.

I finally broke down and spoke with the property management company for like the seventeenth thing I’ve needed since I got here. I’m trying very hard not to be the naïve foreigner who doesn’t know how to do anything but when everything is in Chinese, it becomes somewhat challenging. Trying not to make a big fuss over this, I merely asked for the cleaning crew to maybe wipe down all the insides of the cabinets for a good clean and I would take everything out so they could breeze threw it with their “special” cleaner I was told they had.

This morning the maintenance man shows up and apparently the “special” cleaner came in the form of Chinese Raid which they proceeded to spray over the counter tops. Well, not exactly what I would do back home but when in Rome?!?! Upon entering my kitchen afterwards, I felt the need for a hazmat suit as I stumbled through the stench to change laundry…and discovered the cabinets hadn’t been wiped down whatsoever. Such is life in China. I guess I’m on cabinet duty today instead.