I’ve often heard of life as being referred to as the rat race. We wake up earlier than one’s body is ready for, go through the same redundant morning routine motions of showering, brushing teeth, feeding dogs, drying hair, getting dressed, rummaging through the kitchen for some semblance of food and get in the car and drive the same route to work each and everyday. Well, it resembles my life anyways from time to time. I realize that so many days I’m just on autopilot because I do much of the same thing each day. See “a little birdie” post – I do love my routines and my own everyday life. Although today as I was driving home on autopilot in rush hour traffic no doubt my mind traveled towards the thought this is the suburban life I’ve worked so hard for. I don’t have a white picket fence ¬†though if you’re wondering. Then I realized my upcoming journey really gives me a chance to “shake it up” if you will. A real chance to recreate a lifestyle and a home and spend more time doing…well, whatever. Depending on the day, I either freak out with fear by way of paralyzation of thought or I feel light and airy and free and opportunistic. Today is my free and fluffy day where I’m embracing the idea of being able to define what “whatever” means with my time in China. I always think back to the question we have all been asked I’m sure – if you won the lotto & money were not an issue,, what would you do with your life? For me, my secret desire has been to volunteer for a living. So when I think that maybe this opportunity is more for me than my husband, I like to think that maybe, just maybe, this is someones special gift to me to have the life I’ve always wanted. Maybe I did win the lotto. Who knew???